6 thoughts on “via boingboing. URKEL-O’S???

  1. auuuuuuuugh
    horrible, horrible commercial meme from childhood that will torture me unto death:
    “oh here come crispy critters / a good wholesome bunch / a low sugar cereral / with lots of crrrrrrunch! / it’s indubitably, indubitably, indubitably, indubitably deeeeelicious! Ah-cha-cha-cha!”
    (sung in jimmy durante voice)


  2. The best part about that page is the author’s descriptions — it’s as if he’s writing for people who have just emerged from a cave after thirty years.
    And also Ghostbusters with Slimmer.


  3. The scary thing is how many of those I have actually eaten…
    Ghostbusters [and II]
    Donkey Kong
    Cabbage Patch Kids (hey…it was for my little sister)
    All the variations of Cookie Crisp
    Dinky Donuts
    Dunkin’ Donuts
    Hot Wheels
    Nerds (you never ran out of both sides of the box at the same time)
    Sadly, I never had Urkel-O’s. Most of the breakfast cereals I had were because of cool commercials or cool toy prizes. I really miss sticking my arm into a full box of cereal and getting a little hunk of plastic in a bag that you had to break apart and assemble into a whistle or baking soda/vinegar volcano or toy car or decoder disc for the secret message on the back of the box.


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