13 thoughts on “church signs

  1. Wed. 9pm: TESTICAL EATING
    …that’s what a sign on a Christian Science church in Ottawa said 2 years ago when a couple of friends and I pulled up next to it at a red light. We almost killed ourselves laughing. It was one of those signs with the movable letters, and someone had broken into it…
    It took them a week to notice and set it back to ‘Testament Reading’…
    Great work tho.


      1. Beats me
        this makes my butt hurt.
        If you don’t look at me do I disappear?
        And all you say these days are things that I don’t wanna hear.
        I don’t think that you remember (I don’t think that you recall)
        It was always you and me against the world.
        But I’ll introduce myself


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