asshole moratorium suggestion?

It has been subtly pointed out to me a couple of times (you know who you are) that I’m pretty harsh on people, including people that don’t deserve it.

I realize that about 80% of my humor and smalltalk is negative, often about basically nice people who aren’t perhaps the best targets.

Also, it’s painfully obvious that I’m the typical Angry Comedian in a lot of ways. Enraged at things I cannot fix, I savage anything nearby to produce humor, which then causes others to laugh and like me.

I’m going to try to stop doing this for a while. New rule: the Sarcastron-9000 only gets directed at the “truly needy”, deserving targets.

Please call me on it immediately if I start talking shit, even amusingly, about people who don’t need to get hurt like that. Even just hurt in a voodoo doll way.


the Management

7 thoughts on “asshole moratorium suggestion?

  1. NO!!!
    I happen to like the Sacastron-9000! I don’t think of you as negative at all. You laugh all the time and it isn’t just the sarcasm jokes.
    Relax Kr0rad! You’ll be fine.

    1. Re: NO!!!
      I agree with the Bandit…and maybe it’s just because you make fun of me when I’m not there, so I just don’t know you’re doing it…but either way, I happen to like your humor…and it never once crossed my mind that you might be a negative person.

  2. but… but… whoever said Nice People weren’t offensive in some fundamental way? rage on, please.
    no, I know what you’re saying. I’ve felt guilty over talking shit about people for the sake of a laugh – especially when there are other safe ways of getting a laugh (i.e. looking at ducks), but it’s still so tempting.

  3. I think you’re being too harsh on people who are harsh on people who don’t deserve it. Angry Comedians are valuable members of the community too, you know. They don’t deserve your negativity.

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