Serotonin Gnome #8, get back on the job

After several hours of abject self-hatred and black depression I attempted to sleep, which resulted in me perking up and feeling like a glass of milk and some Wodehouse. I haven’d had rapid-cycling moods like this since the Old Therapy Days. Nostalgie de la bleue, peut-etre?

[A priest passes by outside, intoning THERE IS NO SALVATION OUTSIDE THE CHURCH]

I’m as crazy as THREE German Expressionists!

I wonder how cats in the wild get their chins scratched?

When I was asleep for a short time an hour ago, I had a dream in computer logic. In the dream I was writing a Perl program that opened a file and sorted it into two columns, writing it out to a socket. But I felt the parser opening the file line by line and arranging the columns, as though I was kneading bread or combing the cat. This isn’t the first time that’s happened, either.

This week has been a naked lunch, every piece of food on every fork exposed.

A couple of fresh strawberries, cold from the fridge, excuses a lot of things in life.

4 thoughts on “Serotonin Gnome #8, get back on the job

  1. Most of the behavior exhibited by house cats is actually kitten behavior — the kinds of things kitten cats would do with their mothers in the wild. Due the constant pampering in domestic situations, housecats never really mature past the kitten phase, which is one reason it seems to us that they’re exhibiting such non-survival oriented behavior.
    At least that’s what Desmond Morris says.

  2. Logic dreams are strange beasts. For a period of about three or four months, I had a recurring series of dreams that had me feverishly trying to find function approximations for various social behaviors. Occasionally, one of the dreams actually helps. It was only after a dream that I was able to wrap my noggin around S-M-N functions.
    I haven’t had the bread dream yet … give it time.

  3. IRC dreams
    Funny you should mention this. I just (JUST!) woke up from an IRC dream. It happened on EFNet. An regular got stranded by a netsplit, so was changing servers and PMing the eggdrops with his password, to get ops. But his connection got scrambled somehow, so we say something like
    *>* Signoff d_cddede (ede ehcb d_cddede feed)
    I realize that feed is probably his eggdrop password, and it was just transmitted to everyone on channel. I was wondering what I should do, because to many people knew that password now. But I don’t have the flags on the drops to change other folks’s netmasks and passwords. So was going to log in as that user, change the password to some variant of “feed”, like deef, then message him that I’d done so.
    And of course, this being a dream, it all took much to much time and was all very very hard to do. And then I woke up.

  4. another first rate post with echoes of Fellini , Otto Dix , Erich Heckel, Ernst Ludwig Kircher, Wm. Burroughs…you know the secrets of the deep….

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