tiny tiny tiny

i am updating via my palm on wifi, which like most elite early adopter experiences is totally annoying. the laptop is acting up and because ibm has no actual customer service i have to leave it with the IT guy so he can do their stupid human tricks and then leave it with him again when they come to fix it. this is what they mean by same day service, a two day outage.

capitalism all seems to be based on lying

sorry for the eeeeeee cummings bit. shifting is hard.

please send me evenings and weekends

4 thoughts on “tiny tiny tiny

  1. i had this thought the other day
    community is about helping people who depend on you to develop into independent beings.
    capitalism is all about taking independent beings and making them depend on you.
    it’s not true, but it’s wrong enough to be interesting, i hope?
    eecummingsized in sympathy.

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