9 thoughts on “For those old bootleg tapes?

    1. Final Vinyl
      On the Mac, the people who make the Griffin iMac, a USB sound i/o device, have a recording application that can apply the RIAA curve in software; therefore, no receiver/preamp needed.

    1. Re: YES!
      I deleted it – it responded to ig’z post instead of yours… (as far as I can tell w/the current page setup)
      But do please kill me last.
      Is that a JTHM line? Know I’ve read it somewhere.

      1. Re: YES!
        I have no idea where that line came from. A Bond movie or parody of perhaps?
        My question now is what JTHM is.
        James Taylor has mono?
        Joy to Henry Miller?

      2. Re: YES!
        “I like you, Sully, that’s why I’m going to kill you last.” is from the 1986 epic Commando starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.
        Be sure to catch the opening scenes where he and daughter Alyssa Milano enjoy ice cream and feed some happy deer.
        Be sure to also enjoy the punchline to the above quote.

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