Now they have their own John 3:16 guy!

Aghast onlookers had watched as, 12 laps into the race, the 56-year-old man, clad in a kilt and carrying a placard saying “Read The Bible: The Bible Is Always Right”, climbed over a 10ft-high mesh protective fence and began running up the Hangar Straight against the direction of the competing cars.

3 thoughts on “Now they have their own John 3:16 guy!

  1. What’s the dilly, yo!? That’s the most idiotic thing i’ve ever heard of someone doing! 😮 He’s lucky none of those cars hit him, I guess he didn’t realize what he could really have done!

  2. From
    “It’s the second time Barrichello has won a race when a protester appeared on the track. Three years ago, the Brazilian won in Germany after a 47-year-old Frenchman made it onto the course and wandered around.”
    Sounds kind of suspicious to me.

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