Let’s try this again

It’s been very hot and humid here, extremely unpleasant and not typical.

Last night I barely slept, and finally gave up and decided to try and fix Mom’s G3 Mac. Said mac was totally toast and required a full reinstall of MacOS 9, which is fun to do especially at 3 am. After this, I went to clean up the kitchen at about 5 and that’s when the top rack popped out of the dishwasher. My dishwasher is Lemarchand’s Box and I spent the next 3 hours, and then two more two-hour chunks of today trying to fix it. I eventually gave up. I am going to pay someone money to come deal with this.

So you can sum up the last 24 hours for me as: soaked in sweat, stinky, swearing, and fighting with defective technology. I didn’t go to work. I didn’t eat much of anything.

If I lived in someplace like Florida I would be a non-stop 24/7 serial killer.

10 thoughts on “Let’s try this again

  1. If I lived someplace like Florida I’d be old and complain about everything and eat butterscotch candy all day because you don’t need teeth to suck on candy.

    1. it’s ok!
      Not only did you do it anonymously, but everyone else seems to be having that kind of day too. Give my best to Josie.

      1. Re: it’s ok!
        I never used to have to select “post as thiscantbesoy” and so now I forget to and it defaults to anonymous.
        Josie says hi.

  2. That’s Scary
    Your night sums up my entire experience of my dad’s projects on Friday night. I was getting really concerned when you moved to the dishwasher, but you ended it in a way that my dad has never evolved to :PAYING SOMEONE TO COME AND FIX IT. My dad would have gone into the rafters of the garage in order to find the 10 year old vcr that he cannot throw away because it only needs one part…even though no one makes the #$%@#% part… He would then take apart the vcr in order to retrofit the pulleys as guides to make the top rack roll again…(this exercise is to validate him holding on to this precious vcr for the last ten years). Then at 8am on Saturday, he would interrupt my eating cereal to show me how brilliant he was to almost make it work. Then that same Saturday, he would complain that new dishwashers were too expensive these days, then drive to Santa Ana and steal one off of someone’s porch. Later that night, he would then need me to help him move the old dishwasher to the backyard to be used a waterproof garden utility box for his gardening tools. The following Friday night would now be spent trying to install the hijacked dishwasher.

  3. If I lived in someplace like Florida I would be a non-stop 24/7 serial killer.
    This is considered a public service in Florida.

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