the homework ate my dog

The new version of Gaim and AOL conspired to eat my buddy list.

If you’re on ICQ and AIM and usually talk to me, you might want to say hey just in case i somehow lost/forgot your name or number.

I am a technical professional skilled at internetworked communication technologies. This is unpossible!

3 thoughts on “the homework ate my dog

  1. “Ow. I bent my wookie.”
    Two words for you: crontab
    Or maybe that is just one, but it was originally two before the unixheads contracted it to a typable command. A weekly crontab to back up all of your dot folders ends up being much more useful that you would think–especially if you are using Debian Unstable or something like that. It is also super-useful on the Mac (when expanded to include the Palm HotSync folders and possibly other things in ‘~/Library/Application Support’).

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