Ok, so it’s hot and I’m cranky as hell and here are things that aren’t ok.

  1. Atheists deciding to call themselves “brights”. This implies that believers in a nonmaterialistic universe are “dull”. It’s as offensive as people who believe in supernatural bases for morality calling themselves “goods” would be. If you don’t have the balls to call yourself an atheist you’re probably just a fence-sitting agnostic anyway. Drop it. Anyway, renaming things is always a sign that something broke. Dan Dennett, I’m surprised at you. GIVE IT UP AND GO HOME.

  2. The fact that FOX Sports is auctioning off the chance to be a sportswriter does not mean that “this is the future of journalism”. It means that they’re auctioning off some fun for a fan. This has always been done. The blogosphere needs to shut the fuck up. GIVE IT UP AND GO HOME.

  3. The Pork People need to take a cold shower and reconsider. Not only have they snapped with the slogans but they’re putting out recipes like this. It’s over. People aren’t gonna eat pork like it’s the 1950s. GIVE IT UP AND GO HOME.

  4. If you’re making fun of black people or midgets or mexican people but you think IT’S OK AND I’M STILL PROGRESSIVE AND HIP AND FUN BECAUSE I WAS IRONIC!!1! you need to have your ass kicked. Blaxploitation, midget tv hosts, ching chong chinaman t-shirts, all that shit, it’s just the same old tired bigoted garbage. GIVE IT UP AND GO HOME.

13 thoughts on “Ok, so it’s hot and I’m cranky as hell and here are things that aren’t ok.

  1. Do you really think blaxploitation films make fun of black people? It seems to me that they are making fun of ‘whitey’ and mainstream ‘white’ culture.

    1. No, the original blaxploitation stuff didn’t. It’s the young hip kids giggling at blaxploitation and using it as a way to belittle others that I meant. A lot of it can be blamed on Tarantino.

  2. I don’t know about 2, but I’m on board with 1,3 and 4. With one caveat, can I still tell my story about being chased out of a multi-level marketing scheme, by a midget?

  3. I’m in favour of the “bright” thing for one reason only – the fact that Dennett says that it helps atheists come out of the closet.
    I’d prefer “materialist” myself tho.

  4. ching chong ching
    i think I violate #4 pretty much every day. But not for irony’s sake. Actually I don’t know why I do it. Have not yet gotten my ass kicked.–mza.

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