5 thoughts on “You must read through the whole thing

  1. Wanted: Photoshop captioning contest.
    “…meaning exact and inclusive application of Chistianity to livingness.”
    “livingness”?!@? WTF?!??11?!1oneone
    The pictures of “CRIME” and “MORAL DEGRADATION” and “WAR” remind me of the little bit of Battlefield Earth I’ve seen; there were alway hapless humans “WORKING” in the background of every scene. All of that “WORK” was along the lines of “Eric! There’s some lovely filth over here!”

    1. Wanted: Photoshop captioning contest.
      You can tell a lot about people by the words they won’t use — and people who won’t use the word “life” are scary.

  2. Oh….I so want to see that in like a Power Point Presentation with John Travolta saying the lines in voice over…..that would so rock…..heh

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