It’s like temping but without the free coffee

And people ask me why I stopped being a freelance writer years ago and never looked back. This is all so vividly familiar.

Busting your ass for $75 only to be told “we wanted more sparkle” or “that’s a great spec bit, we’ll keep you in mind” etc. Hell on earth. I’d rather..hmm.. rather do computer work for an evil media empire!

One thought on “It’s like temping but without the free coffee

  1. I went downtown to sell out, but no one was buying
    Yeah, no one says to a plumber, “Hey, would you mind replacing all the pipes in this apartment for absolutely no pay so we can get a sense of the kind of work you do? If we like it we might have paid plumbing jobs for you in the future. In the meantime it’s great exposure to the plumbing community.” You would have to be a shameless moron to say that to anyone with a real job. But writers and artists get that crap all the time, because every child of six knows how hungry writers and artists are, and how willing most of us are to sell blood relatives to pet stores for a zine’s worth of validation.

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