Dear hepkitten and tony_laetrile

Your irc friends are paranoid, cliquish parodies of NorCal hipster geeks. They make efnet #perl look like the fucking welcome wagon.

I am a crusty old bastard and do not need to prove myself to anyone, so whatever with them.

OMG hella lame,


P.S. That is so fucked up (for gordonzola)

8 thoughts on “Dear hepkitten and tony_laetrile

  1. anxiously awaiting the day when I can finally state that I am a crusty old bastard. I’ve been practicing the “crusty bastard” part for a while now, but I think it will take more age to make it believable.
    also looking forward to being old enough to carry a cane (“You wouldn’t deprive an old man of his walking stick, would you?”) and act curmudgeonly and have folks just _accept it_. The old can get away with a lot that the rest of us cannot …

    1. Ancianos
      anxiously awaiting the day when I can finally state that I am a crusty old bastard.
      Andy Warhol said that that was the reason he wore a white wig — it made people assume he was so old that they’d whisper to eachother “Wow, it’s so courageous that he even got up today!”.
      Some linguistics professors I’m friends with just got back from working with Mayas in rural Central America. During the course of their visit, they discovered that the locals assumed odd things about their age. My friends are in their 40s, and I think they don’t look any older than that.
      But it’s hard to judge the age of people from unfamiliar ethnic groups — and in Maya-land, most ethnic groups other than Mayans are unfamiliar. And since everyone knows that Americans have amazing age-reversal techniques, if an American looks to be in their 40s (like my friends), then they must really be much much older. So the Mayans assumed.
      The Mayans were saying things like how my friends were really wonderful ancianos who were living such productive and interesting lives, in spite of how hard the travel must be for them.
      My Spanish is a bit weak with connotational meaning, so at first I assumed that “ancianos” might mean something like “elder”, or even “eldritch” — but instead it just means “elderly”. They thought my friends were senior citizens, retirees of some kind, who didn’t let their extreme decrepitude stand in the way of seeing the world!

      1. Re: Ancianos
        if being in your 40s can make you pass for anciano, then I should be at least nearing retirement age at this point, and with luck will have skipped midlife crisis altogether! w00t

    1. sorry…
      They are northern california hipster geeks who say hello and OMG! too much. They’re also very intolerant and cliquish, and it reminded me of your post about Olympia people.

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