12 thoughts on “I am a camera!

      1. Only if…
        …I wanted to screw my uncle. Which I don’t. Erm. Um. I’ll just go sit over here now, shall I? Cough.

    1. Those Revos are freaking expensive but amazingly, cheaper when ordered from France. go figure.
      Dude you need to get set up on hourly delivery of del taco or something. It’s a sickness for you.

      1. Nothing surprises me about France these days. One day when I am in charge I am going to invade France and turn it into the worlds largest water park.
        All I ate today was a salad and some bagel chips. I think maybe if I got my shit together and ate like a regular human I wouldn’t always crave Del Taco. But for now I think I really like your hourly delivery idea. I’ll call them tomorrow and set it up.

  1. Blue Revo’s rule.
    Love The Revos. I have a pair of wire-framed ones that I’ve had forever. Whats with the multi-hue’d beard/mustache?! 😉

  2. woah! nice shades man. where did you get them from? if i had to guess i’d say THE FUTURE.
    and i’ll have to second the king arthur thing.

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