List of unrelated observations and beans

  • Mozilla Firebird is a pretty good browser. Fast and doesn’t blow up.
  • Cannelini beans cooked with fennel rule.
  • Steve Lopez‘ column on our local bonehead racist legislator is great.
  • My new pressure cooker is amazing! I am now a pressure cooker commercial. Especially since the beans listed above.
  • I can’t recommend 20 years of loneliness, sexual inhibition, and missed opportunities as a lifestyle for anyone else, but it’s worked for me! *
  • As a child I believed that avocadoes were a root vegetable.
  • I am going to go listen to “Sad Eyes from Van Nuys” by Ferdinand very very loud now.

*And by “worked for me” I mean stunted my life and left me approaching middle age in a state of existential despair.

6 thoughts on “List of unrelated observations and beans

  1. Hey there, big fella. Turn that frown upside-down. Who has time for existential despair when you’ve got a pressure cooker?

    I miss having one.
    (turn that frown upside down?!? That reminds me:
    One day, when I was still living with Hensley, I came home with a noticeable black cloud hanging over my head. Tom looked at me and said “You need to take a big dive into a pool of you!”
    I would have ended his life right then and there, but for the 5 minutes of gut laughing.)

  3. i tried phoenix .00000000000001 or something like that, and liked it because it was small and, on windows, didn’t require any installation. just uncompress and go-to-town. but it crashed a lot and went insane when i tried to install a theme. butt his firebird thing is pretty hot.
    oftentimes i wish i was more alone, because i’m really too selfish and lazy and nervous to properly maintain the relationships that i’ve clumisly constructed. siezinf social opportunities just leads to disaster. i think you’ve got the best life ever, really.

  4. If you wanted to see lonliness, sexual inhibition, and missed opportunities–you should have seen the childless middle-aged people at the Harry Potter release last night at Borders. You may have a low picture of yourself, but I know you to be incredibly cool, and could not picture you getting dressed up for any book release, much less a children’s book release.

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