You killed donut!

I had a nice time visiting the house of jonpants and meeting fairietard and others. Good conversation, nice people. I’ve been meaning to write some stuff about the Valley on Content Goes Here and it was interesting to cruise down Sherman Way afterwards and reacquaint myself with the valley vibe.

Also, I didn’t bring anything because I am lazy, and they still fed me! And the_hippy_chick made some good enchiladas. Thanks, all.

Today is a big glum gray boring sludgy mess. Poking it with a stick now. Yep, just sludgy. I think I’ll go to D’s and at least people-watch now.

2 thoughts on “You killed donut!

  1. What’s this Valley Vibe you speak of? I’ve lived here nearly two years now and I haven’t picked up on it. You should’ve gone down Sepulveda to see the hookers. They are neat in a not so neat kind gross way.

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