Or maybe he’s been dead since 1981

Never get so fat that you’re stuck with only one facial expression. stimps and I had a conversation about that problem, and in particular this well-known chef who has got stuck with what he thinks is a smile, but she felt looked more like he is passing Herve Villechaize. In any case, over about 400 lbs. you only get the one expression.

I wish I could find the pic of him garlanded with sausages. The cover of “Louisiana Kitchen” is bad enough, it looks like an explosion in a very greasy deli.

4 thoughts on “Or maybe he’s been dead since 1981

  1. I’ve seen pictures of that guy before, and I still find it impossible to accept that he and Dom DeLuise are not the same person.

    1. This would imply that Dom DeLuise has the same sick sense of humor and incredible patience as Andy Kaufmann, to create an alter ego and stick to it so tongue-in-cheek.

  2. Maybe he looks this way because, as a fattie, he is conditioned to eat. Instinctive response to any sort of excitement: Open mouth.
    Maybe he is trying to supplement his oxygen intake.

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