Bulk Grout Launch in Progress

I went to my first meeting of the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service the other day. Everyone there was a 75 year old retired guy. I was one of maybe 2-3 people under 40. I am going to help out and apply and go through all the background check bla bla because I think it’s important, but it will be a Cultural Challenge.

I successfully wrote a small program for work, getting over some of my Fear of Coding. I think I’d be good at programming if I could get past the fear. And the laziness, too. Always the laziness.

Ran into a friend today who is moving to Hawaii to do something vaguely religious; social service/missionary work I guess. I always thought missionaries went to trackless wastes like Outer Mongolia or Irkutsk or Yemen and got shot while starving and being eaten by pandas. Guess it’s not always that bad.

Dinner tonight with A., who is struggling with the insane bureaucracy of the school system. She had amusing and/or frightening anecdotes about: insane unprofessional teachers; cuckoo nutty administrators; pathetic didactic theories invented solely to save money by undereducating students and calling it progressive; and people hitting on her. People hit on her a lot because she’s The Blonde. She was pretty stressed. I think going to work, school, and home in three different counties is probably a bad idea.

My whole wheat bread is rising. Soon, I WILL DOMINATE ALL OF YOU WITH IT.

15 thoughts on “Bulk Grout Launch in Progress

    1. yes, very much
      I need to write little programs a lot and I always get really blocked on it, and think I suck, and struggle too much, and then when I get it done it wasn’t that bad and it works fine. It’s psychological and bizarre.

      1. let’s compare insanities
        that is bizarre… you seem to have no lack of knowledge or taste.
        then again I get blocked on wiping the kitchen counter.

    1. Exactly
      What he needs is for Laziness to overcome his laziness.
      And, according to some, he needs a good bit of Impatience and Hubris as well.

      1. The Pride Police are on the way
        Interestingly enough, Hubris started out as an offense towards the gods. Now it seems that lacking it is a crime.
        And remember, eggs are good for you this week. You’d better eat up; they may be bad for you as early as Monday.

  1. my mom’s neighbor’s daughter is in scotland doing missionary work…maybe i should take up jesus…she got contributions for that kind of thing, but i forbid my mother to give her cash to travel and talk about the bible…and A is not just The Blonde…she’s The Beautiful Blonde…

  2. I lived in Hawaii for 6 years when I was in the Army and I was shocked at how many missionaries were there. I know the Mormons and JW’s have a large presence there, BYU Hawaii is their largest satellite campus I think. I do not know about your friends group, who I think is on Kauai, but on Oahu at least the Mormons and the JW’s are fairly entrenched because of the high population turnover. With 4 major military bases and something like 150,000+ rotating military and their families, the religious missionaries always have new people to talk to about salvation. Not to mention tourists.

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