Weight lost so far: 5 lbs
Number of outright rejections from online personals: 1
Number of times the same coworker has attempted blame transfer to me this week: 3
Number of times I’ve told the cat to shut up so far this week: ~18
Number of hours so far today I have felt hungry: 15
Sleep last night, in hours: 4
Amount of money I have spent on miscellaneous amateur radio equipment this week: $150

5 thoughts on “inventory

  1. smashing!
    your rejection count is lower than mine. I am impressed!
    I suggest teriyaki sauce for the coworker. it resolves multiple problems, simultaneously.

  2. Woo!
    Weight lost so far: 2 lbs
    Miles biked: 45
    Sit-ups: not enough
    Number of carrots devoured: too many
    Number of cakes not eaten: a lot
    Amount of sleep had lately: too much
    Urge to slay: rising
    Urge to sleep: overwhelming slaying urges

  3. I have statistics too
    Happy Indian Robots on conference call this morning: 1
    Takes necessary to record vocals last night: 1
    Takes necessary to record bass line last night: uhh … I’ll get it down later
    Times Lilith has vomited right under the very middle of my bed this week: 2
    Times I have suggested to my coworker that we accidentally break each other’s hands: 1
    Super-cool Ignatz-type people in my life: 1

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