We have so much in common.

Livejournal has this feature in which you can find kindred spirits, birds of your feather, future friends! And this is done by matching interests using some kind of fabulous technology magic.

Number three on my list of matches is dictator88 who appears to be an actual Hitler-type Nazi.

What the HEY?

7 thoughts on “We have so much in common.

  1. I’m immediately reminded first of your post about you being an angry monkey, and second your post about the usenet dorks with big ideas who could turn out to be the next [insert scary media person here].
    He’s definitely somewhat of a dork. I think this pretty much sums it up, for me:
    “Philosophy is complex. Religion is simple. I’m more of a religious person. Just accept something and get on with it.”
    Uh, those words you’re saying? I do not think they mean what you think they mean…

  2. Mine goes to a dead journal.
    However, the next on on the list is something called “The Contemporary Alcoholic’s Journal”.
    I’ll call that a bad sign.
    Sadly, assface rated a lowly 18.

  3. In case you don’t know, “88” is neo-Nazi slang. See, the eighth letter of the alphabet is H. “88” is therefore “HH,” for “heil Hitler.” Cute, huh?

    1. yeah
      I remember recently the geniuses at Wal-Mart and Target were noted to be selling “88” youth closing and had to pull it. That nice Mr. McGoering called, he found a place where you can rent bombers by the hour!

  4. Maybe if you twiddle that knob there
    I remember trying that out when it was first created. The algorithm has been changed since, but it’s still a load of crap. The only person I know on the entire list is (29/150), and as far as I’m concerned, the rest are butt-munches.
    Your guy ruined my day. People are stupid.

  5. I just had a rands HOLY SHIT moment. Since when were there a) so many skinheads on LJ and b) so many skinheads in Boston? This is craaaaaaaaaaaaa-zy.

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