Hony soit qui mal y bwahaha

Ok, so they’re a big grown-up law firm. They litigate for people like UPS. They have lots of money and suits and Boxsters and toupées and those faggy little slipper shoes that rich white guys wear. But their url and their nickname are pretty funny, and at least they get the joke.

3 thoughts on “Hony soit qui mal y bwahaha

    1. I DO think it’s telling that they provided a work-by-word transliteration from the French for the Order of the Garter motto.
      I believe the more tradtional English translation is “Evil to him who thinks evil of it.”
      Lawyers. Feh.

  1. oh my god.
    we’re working on selling them stickers. someone that works here knows someone that works there or something and is trying to get them to take all our discontinued MOFO stickers.
    i thought my rep was joking, i love that 🙂

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