The worst thing in 1954 was a bikini

I was at the MAUL today and outside the Apple store there was a line of people with their little welcome cards or something waiting to buy a new iPod. The usual tiresome egotistical Apple Store employee was there giving posters and stuff to people waiting in line to BUY SOMETHING.

I wish I’d come up with the Apple Cult. It’s great to see people sacrificing their time and energy to give someone else money.

7 thoughts on “The worst thing in 1954 was a bikini

  1. I view the Apple people the same way I view the black fly’s people.
    Spending WAY too much cash on a shitty product and then spending MORE money to advertise that they got ripped off by said company.
    so strange.

  2. It’s interesting, because it’s totally not like that in Canada — almost certainly because the populace here is so much smaller than in the US, thus fewer Apple users too. It’s almost more like an underground here. The people in the stores are friendly and happy to serve you, because they know we never get anything on the first day here anyway, and we pay exorbitant price differences because of the exchange rate, so it’s all much more “hey man, let’s all drink coffee and talk about music, because we don’t know when we’re getting X in anyway — we might as well have some fun in the meantime.”
    Not that I haven’t met some insane cultists for Macs here. STEVE SAYS NO ONE COULD EVER NEED MORE THAN ONE BUTTON, YE OF LITTLE FAITH! BURN ALL WHEELMICE! owwwwwww…

  3. Tim O’Reilly and ziggy had an interesting discussion on software communities. They observe that the Apple cult is always in a reactive stance — sharing secret tips and tricks and workarounds, and trying to keep up with the pronouncements of the mother ship. In contrast to open source software communities, which, for all their faults, have a more creative mindset.

    1. Yes, like the very creative guy at OSCON last year that lambasted a bunch of us for having apple laptops, concluding with “Thank you for helping destroy the world!”. 🙂

      1. What an oddball. Is having a Toshiba laptop and paying the MS tax somehow better?
        Wait for the skin to split open revealing an alien still pissed about what Jeff Goldblum did in ID4.

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