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My DSL has been toast since Friday, without any response from my ISP. I know them personally. They are all going to freakin’ die.

Mochi green tea ice cream rules.

I have been obsessively listening to the Dirty Dozen Brass Band in my car. Boy, they’re good.

The Jerkcity book is also good.

There’s no reason for you to have been reading any of this, is there?

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  1. Nope, no reason–other than my DSL is also out, I am jonesing for a good intracyberbozoweb fix, and pirating wireless from some unknown neighbor.
    Hey, I am finally getting three bars of service from their access point! I am starting to wonder if they are across the street and vehicular traffic cuts it down to zero or one bar of service, which is why the connection is so nice at this time of night.

  2. MOCHI GREEN TEA ICE CREAM? I must have some. Perhaps this is also an excuse to buy some porkbuns and plain old non-frozen no-milk taro-instead-of-green-tea mochi. And more Pocky! Still not brave enough for pork floss, although it taunts me whenever I go shopping.
    And yes, the Dirty Dozen Brass Band does indeed rock. They are also fantastic to experience live, should you ever have the chance. There is a track on “Open Up” where the sousaphone player goes up into trumpet range. Now I wish I had that CD with me.
    I hope you istart soon.

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