¡Viva Chipotles!

After consultation with Torgo, I made a batch of his TorgOil, an infusion of chipotle chiles in olive oil.

It’s a wonderful mix, the hot smoky chiles in the oil. I only had one minor injury while chopping up the dried chipotles in the Cuisinart, when I got too close and inhaled a bit of it. Whoo-aw, that’s some spicy atmosphere.

The finished product is full of rich olive oil flavor and smoky, smoky chipotle burn. Woohoo!

2 thoughts on “¡Viva Chipotles!

  1. so what’s the deal here— soak chipotles in hot water, chop them, plonk them into some olive oil, wait a while?
    (mm, chipotles.)

    1. No water; you use them dry. Water is your enemy here. I used a 2 ounce package of chipotles which I chopped very finely in the cuisinart (do not inhale happy fun dust) and warmed a bottle of oil and dumped in the chiles, and then after a good long soak I strained the oil to get the big chunks out. Voila, etc.
      Torgo is a good source for advice, since it’s his oil after all! But it was very easy.

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