14 thoughts on “image stolen from brevity

  1. God Bless America, because we ain’t getting nowhere on our own.
    i won’t even start with the conflict of singular and plural he has on that sign. what’s the point in trying?

      1. I just lucked out on the picture, I think. Troma r00lz.
        I think a lot of laughing needs to happen, and soon. Sould are getting crushed, just as sure as bodies.

  2. Maybe he’s referring to Mike Moran, the New York firefighter who, shortly after September 11, told Osama bin Laden to “kiss my royal Irish ass” on national TV. I hope not, though. Mike Moran is cool.

  3. Irony par excellence
    It would both solve this problem and be supremely punishing irony if the United States sold the Midwest back to the French right now.

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