Today’s encounters

  1. An old man (> 80) in full naval dress uniform, at the auto repair place. I guess he had come from a funeral or some remembrance event. He was yelling at the TV. “That Bush! He’s sending those boys over there for nothing! Using them! It’s a SHAME!”

  2. A young woman at the same dealership (repair waiting room) whose boyfriend, brother, and cousin were all on duty in the war

This is a terribly sad business.

2 thoughts on “Today’s encounters

  1. *sigh*
    A veteran I know (Korean War, I think) is in DC today with a group of other veterans, lobbying Congress against the war.

    1. meanwhile…
      My step-dad, who was in the service but not in a war – just like many of the administration’s chicken hawks – keeps emailing me the most outrageous right-wing propaganda imaginable…

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