• I saw a car today on the freeway with a sticker that said “Uncle Brains”. On closer inspection it said “UCLA Bruins”. However, Uncle Brains is now my band name.

  • Lou Dobb’s hair is a weapon of mass disgustion.

  • I made chili, and it was good. I really, really like chili.

  • I am really sad about my friend B. losing her hearing bit by bit. She now has bad tinnitus and has an annoying loud whine in one ear all the time.

  • I signed up to drive a car fast at and also bought general admission tickets and parking for the Long Beach Grand Prix. I am a car nut.

  • Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow creeps this petty pace from day to day.

5 thoughts on “Items

  1. i can’t read anything. just about everything i see looks like something silly, gross, or perverted. i’m always disappointed when i reread the sign and realize it says something really boring.
    but at least my life is more interesting because of my creative sign reading style.

  2. my name also starts with B. and i have tinnitus in both ears. i’ve had it for maybe 15 years now..
    tell your friend to ask an audiologist about white-noise generating “hearing aids” (quoted because they’re not really aids as such) – these can help minimize the noticibility of the annoying whine – unless, like me, she’s already learned to live with it.
    bad mojo slows the slip of time.

  3. And all our yesterdays have lighted fools the way to dusty death.
    It took me three reads to realize that said “Bruins.” I read it UCLA Brains, and I thought: that’s pretty cheeky.

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