Hi, Dr. Nick!

Today was the day that I found out that popular over-the-counter allergy remedy Claritin is not for me. I found this out by falling asleep for approximately 14 hours. I think I’ll deal with the sniffles now. I’d like that day back.

This did get me out of the insane all nighter that some of my coworkers get tonight as we merge two websites and everything breaks. I hope it goes better than it looks like it will. It’s one of those technology tasks that seems simple on the face of it and turns out to be Moving the Titanic Three Inches to the Left on deadline. I’ll probably end up dealing with the debris, chaos, and toxic residue of the build tomorrow anyway so I don’t feel so bad.

I’m getting that feeling again in my life that I’m skating over big trouble, as though I was out on the ice pirouetting and below me there was a volcanic bubbling sea of trouble. There’s so much to avoid in my life if I’m going to keep skating, but what if the ice melts?

It’s alarming to realize that most of the improvement in mental health I’ve had over the last 10 years has consisted of avoiding or ignoring my major malfunctions. Two cheers for avoidance.

2 thoughts on “Hi, Dr. Nick!

  1. Keep skating.
    And hats off to you for skating so gracefully.
    My ice is deadly thin, and I’m standing on it, looking down at its cracking surface in horror and bewilderment.
    One cheer for paralysis!

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