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My coworker’s gallbladder went south on him and he’s in the hospital awaiting surgery. This is bad enough (pain, surgery, expense) but to make it better, my other coworkers are calling him for help on various projects. “Hey, I know you’re not feeling well, but we have this caching issue on…”

Last night I was pulled over by Newport’s finest for speeding on the S curves (I was really moving), but they had another call to run to so I didn’t get a ticket. Alleluia; se-lah. Also, I’m gonna slow down for a bit.

Boy there are some dumb “anti-war” ideas going around. My mom keeps getting a chain letter that tells her to forward it to some address at the U.N., and (i can’t stand them) apparently wants everyone to spam their senators and congressmen on one particular day. Folks, use real mail with a stamp, and don’t break the U.N.’s SMTP server. Sending email about an issue is only slightly more effective than pointing your head at your congressman and thinking strong thoughts.

I am getting the urge to go to Vegas. This probably means that I’m running away from something. Oh. wait. MY LIFE! THAT’S IT!!

10 thoughts on “notes from underground

  1. you mean some people are actually sending emails? Here I was thinking all I had to do was sit around and complain. There’s effort involved?

  2. You’re so right! if you want to get through to someone, physical evidence of your struggle is the most effective. So someone has to delete thousands of e mails, boohoo. It’s a little different when someone has to shovel their ass out of thousands of letters. 😉
    Vegas bad… baaaaaaaad…. alcohol… dehydrated… hospital.. ungh x__x

  3. There are so many of those organizations up here, and all my friends forward me all the petitions and rants and pontifications. I should make a special folder.
    My least favorite is They are so shrill and indignant with their damn bongo drums.
    Oh, and go to Vegas. For sure.

  4. big monkey
    Can I go to Vegas too? I want to escape from my Wisdom Teeth, and I still haven’t seen Circus Circus. Of course, I’ll have to try to score some ether in a foreign country, but that’s just a technicality…

    1. Re: big monkey
      I remember saying something like “You better drive – I’m felling a little light-headed”, and suddenly the air was full of giant black bats…
      On a related note, I miss having O-chem majors as friends. And waking up smelling like a magic marker.

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