Meme courtesy of miss-geek

Singing my national anthem, here. I’m already loving the interactions among nations:

“Please read the world factbook description and withdraw your support for Solamnia if you have given it. I am seeking all of your support as UN delegate for the North Pacific Warmest Regards, Yahweh”

10 thoughts on “I R A NATION

  1. in the weeks i’ve been playing, i’ve developed into a ‘Scandinavian Liberal Paradise’. you can find me under ‘Commonwealth of Fegmania’. i’m in the South Pacific region, and our UN delegate from the region is the Dominion of Bong Load and its leader, Pakky Bole. haw!

      1. Re: hm
        Mine is .god.
        I am setting our conversion rate as 3.5578sB (smallbucks) to one fez.
        But I really want to know the fez to bowling ball exchange rate…

      2. Re: hm
        Personally, I’m using my new governmental powers to finally create the .ha domain I’ve been clamoring for for ages now…

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