what do you do with a drunken sailor

we don’t want to fight
but by jingo if we do..

A set of observations slightly colored by a couple of glasses of good single malt and a long week.

  1. I’m an ape, and an angry ape at that. And so are you!
  2. Hand lotion smells awful
  3. Most of the problems we face day to day in my immediate circle are diseases of wealth
  4. I’m a terrible fake.
  5. It’s only by carefully avoiding the full reality of my existence that I avoid a total mental breakdown.
  6. I am a very fortunate person
  7. This list is self-indulgent and not interesting

2 thoughts on “what do you do with a drunken sailor

  1. Full reality
    In the past ten years, I have gone thru THREE different mental models of the moon’s orbital path. Since I clearly can’t get such a basic thing right, I’m giving up any claims to trying for full reality of my existence, and focussing instead on eating nice desserts.

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