What’s in my bag?

It’s mostly wlonkly‘s fault but brienigma and meta_kate helped. So, now I have to do my own bag thing.

Contents of bag:

  • IBM T22 laptop
  • Power supply for laptop
  • Orinoco wireless card
  • Modem/phone cable
  • Small Mag-Lite flashlight
  • Altoids
  • Four old pay stubs
  • Canon S330 digital camera
  • Extra battery and charger for camera
  • Letter from AAA saying I can upgrade my membership (should send that in)
  • Box of matches
  • 20 or so of my business cards that I never use
  • My airplane ticket from December
  • A map of Philadelphia (I do not live in Philadelphia)
  • A Rotring Initial fountain pen
  • A cheap set of “earbud” headphones

5 thoughts on “What’s in my bag?

  1. You know I was waffleing on the “are you a techo-geek” question… but I’m afraid the altoids gave you away. The only thing that would’ve been worse is a box of the linux-y penguin mints with caffine. πŸ˜‰

  2. Ooh, I hadn’t seen the Rotring Initial until now. Very nice. How heavy is it?
    I finally finished the included cartridge and am now using a convertor in my Safari. What a difference good ink makes (and just Parker Quink at that!).

  3. Rotring sounds bad for you.
    I’ve been carrying my new rotring core around with me everywhere too, but I just clip it to my clothes, or through my earrings. =) Not my nose rings though… I think it would get in the way of eating.
    Thanks for pointing the cores out to me, though… they’re very nice and light and erm, ugly as heck, which suits me. =D

    1. Re: Rotring sounds bad for you.
      Oh, I just think of it as writing with a running shoe. πŸ™‚ I actually broke down and got the ball point and pencil too. I think of them as my “I can chuck ’em in my pocket and not worry about hurting them” pens.
      The Initial is my travel pen, as it supposedly has a special ink system that protects you from the ink spillage that can result from airplane pressure changes.
      And does it sound so bad in the original german? πŸ™‚

  4. I took a bag to work today just to see what I would put in it. Rotring 600, mobile phone, bus card, some altoids, some sesame snaps, and mu multi-plier. If I use any of this stuff I may keep doing this.

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