Film Noir (grecian style) in Bakersfield?

Long story short, some very powerful men seem to have sheltered their rough trade from the long arm of the law, resulting eventually in murder, outing, and other wacky hijinks. All in Bakersfield. BAKERSFIELD?

Maybe feedle can explain it all?

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  1. “You don’t know me but you don’t like me,
      You say you care less how I feel.
    How many of those who sit and judge me,
      have had to walk the streets of Bakersfield.”
    — Buck Owens, “Streets of Bakersfield”
    Bakersfield is an odd place. For those of you who have never driven 120 miles north of Los Angeles on old US Route 99, let me tell you of an odd place: a place that was home to California’s largest Chinese population until an earthquake destroyed Chinatown, a place settled primarily by Dust Bowl Refugees who’s Model A’s and T’s stopped here (never to start again), and a place that is home to men with names like “Buck Owens” and “Slim Pickens.”
    Oh, and a place with a very colorful crime history, involving homosexuality, the killing of political officials (who may or may not be gay), and organized crime. Did I mention Organized Crime? It goes way back: during the Prohibition, Angelenos would make the drive up to the Kingdom of Kern to get shitfaced.. because local law enforcement had no interest in enforcing the Alcohol Act laws. During the turn of the century, opium dens littered old Chinatown: it’s been said that the reason Chinatown was destroyed during the earthquake in the 50’s was because the catacombs underneath collapsed. Today, it’s been said that 1/3 of all the meth made in the United States comes from the southern third of California’s Central Valley.
    Bakersfield is an odd place, alright. It’s a place that was proud to be dubbed “America’s 48th Largest City.” It’s a place where the locals say, “Well, it may suck here, but at least we’re not in Fresno.” It’s a place where one winter I personally saw the City of Bakersfield removing snow from a city street with a backhoe.
    And, the local sheriff’s department issues concealed weapons permits pretty much for the asking. You want one? Come on down.
    You can’t explain Bakersfield. You have to experience it. Some morning, take the drive up the Golden State Freeway, and visit. Eat at Bill Lee’s Bamboo Chopsticks (which is, in my opinion, one of the best Chinese restaurants in America). Enjoy an ice cream cone at Dewar’s, and buy a box of chews to bring home. Sit in Panorama Park, overlooking the oil fields from a high bluff, reading The Grapes of Wrath. Spend an evening at Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace nightclub (on, appropriately enough, Buck Owens Boulevard).. old Buck himself performs at least one night a week. Drive through the seemingly endless cotton farms, nut groves, and the ever popular oil fields.
    Then, maybe… just maybe.. you might understand Bakersfield a little more.
    Then, of course, I lived there: and I don’t understand it either.

    1. WOW
      It doesn’t exactly explain Bakersfield to read that, but it makes the town seem like a haunted castle of mystery. Also, I like chinese food.

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