guilty feet ain’t got no rhythm

As the nasty little man says in Hellraiser, “What is your pleasure, sir?”

Guilty pleasures are my topic today, musical ones specifically. My confession is America’s “Sister Goldenhair”, which should fit under the category 70’S SOFT ROCK DRECK for me. I love that song. Listen to it a lot.

What’s your guilty musical pleasure? Tell us, tell us.

16 thoughts on “guilty feet ain’t got no rhythm

  1. -The time Dolly Parton went super-poppy and did that song “Here you come again”
    -anything by Michael McDonald
    -uh, i’m a diehard Slim Whitman fan
    -Night Ranger’s “Sister Christian”

  2. I’ll probably have my black license revoked, but…
    Sister Christian, oh the time has come
    And you know
    That you’re the only one to say
    Where you going
    What you looking for
    You know those boys
    Don’t want to play no more
    With you
    It’s true
    You’re motoring
    What’s your price for flight
    In finding mister right
    You’ll be all right tonight

    *lighter aloft*
    This is inspiring me to make a guilty-pleasure mix-cd.

  3. You know me…
    I like what I like and I don’t like what I don’t like. Guilt generally doesn’t enter into it.
    Having said that, there are 2 things I like a LOT that I really shouldn’t:
    1) Aerosmith
    2) Leonard Skynard
    Rock Owwwwwn!

  4. Oh man, I love that song so much.
    Will you meet me in the middle?
    Will you meet me in the air?

    Anyway, I agree with genericus that I generally like or don’t like something and don’t feel much guilt about any of it. Still, one song in particular stands out as “I like this, but I really probably shouldn’t”. It’s by a band called Weston and the name of the song is “New Shirt”, though I usually refer to it as “the most emo song in the world, and it could only be more emo if it were longer than 53 seconds”. It goes like this:
    I got a new shirt
    For school yesterday,
    And my mom said
    I looked real handsome in it.
    I got a new shirt.
    I got a new shirt
    ‘Cause I thought
    You might like me in it.
    I got a new shirt.
    I got a new shirt
    ‘Cause I thought
    You might like me in it.
    I got a new shirt.
    I got a new shirt
    ‘Cause I thought
    That maybe you might wear my ring
    If I wore that striped, short-sleeve shirt.

  5. I don’t think it’s so much guilty as surprising, but my favourite songs are really simple minded, not always complex love songs, like:
    Yacht Dance – XTC
    Tonight at Noon – the Jam
    Street Parade – the Clash
    Love Song – the Cure
    My Funny Valentine – Chet Baker does a wonderful version
    Probably my favourite is I’ll Never Leave You by Nilsson.
    I mean, I love my loud weird music, but I have to have my sweet moments, don’t I? =)

  6. you know, when i think about it, i think i almost seem proud to admit (since i do it fairly often) that my guilty pleasure music is The Monkees – pretty much everything excluing that awful last pseudo-Monkees album (just Davy and Micky) called “Changes”. unnnnng now i wanna hear “Circle Sky”.
    oh, and i ADORE the 80’s new wave station in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City! Nina Hagen, Blondie, Thomas Dolby, Flock of Seagulls .. sigh, i’m a nostalgic sucker for that stuff. 🙂

  7. I guess the approvable guilty pleasure is to have a simple, sensitive-sweet side? Let’s see how this goes…
    I have a weakness for very aggressive music. I never bought any albums, but things like Marilyn Manson or even Metallica back in the day work for me. Which is odd, because I’m squeamish about people spitting.
    I even thought Eminem had something going for him. I really wanted to like what he was doing but I concluded there’s nothing behind it all.

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