Everything is just fine

From the Psychoceramics List, we have this comforting update from an unexpected corner of our government. They’re protecting us. You can tell by the cheerful “logo” they have used:

I’d love to have been a fly on the wall at the many meetings they had to adjust, improve, and finally sign off on that graphic.

7 thoughts on “Everything is just fine

  1. It’s a goddamn beholder, is what that is
    Here’s my question. Is the eye supposed to be on the outside, looking at the people locked in, or inside, at the swarm of potential invaders without? Which is creepier? Either way, a goddamn floating eyeball is not making me feel safer. Worst of all is that the meaning behind the symbolic floating eyeball is even scarier than a real-life floating eyeball would be.

  2. eyeteeth is right, it is a beholder
    You’d think they’d at least try to avoid the Orwellian comparisons, but it’s like they embraced it completely.
    “And today’s Two Minute Hate is brought to you by Coke! Because remember, Coca Cola has always been at war with Pepsico!”

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