3 thoughts on “Smooth Reactions

  1. One more time for the troika
    Am I a bad person if I found the repetition of “The next thing you know, that place is on fire” really amusing?

    1. Re: One more time for the troika
      I hope not, because I did too. I kind of hoped it would continue, though that would have meant a larger conflagration — okay, we’re bad people.

  2. Personally, I’m amused by the toaster in the tree. Would that no one had found it until some small child a decade from now dislodged it while climbing and had to try to figure out why a toaster was in a tree…
    as for the rest, I will file it jointly under “Further proof that America needs anger management” and “No woman will ever want me because I keep my temper in check and my chemical imbalances to myself”

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