Artie Fufkin, Polymer Records. Kick my ass.

This is what web hosting advertising looks like now. Guys, we couldn’t swing the billboard on Sunset or the TV spot with Gwyneth, so we worked with what we had and came up with a very viral, very street, very in your face campaign.

We call this strategy the “Sharpie-Kinko’s-Mr. T’s Bowl Trifecta”, folks.

4 thoughts on “Artie Fufkin, Polymer Records. Kick my ass.

  1. that reminds me… my roommate used to work for a phone company called Pipeline, and their logo was “Ride the Pipe.” They eventually folded under the pressure of about a gazillion law suits.

  2. “Choke on my big fat pipe!”
    I love the fact that it is in Sharpie. It is even worse than too-many-fonts-desktop-publishing. I did not know there could BE anything worse!

  3. maybe “L” got a side job… oh wait… there aren’t any !!!!!!!!! after all the bold crap… and no colors… nevermind me. i’m bitter.
    that’s silly 🙂

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