Yesterday was a good day for a number of reasons. First, two people without steady jobs bought me meals (sashimi, Indian food). Second, I got to visit the Amoeba Records new branch in Hollywood which is freakin’ HUGE and will be my new place to waste money after work.

And third, I got to go see Ferdinand at Mr. T’s Bowl, and they played really well. A load of their good songs and also the Soft Boys’ “Only the Stones Remain” which is a favorite cover. Saw some old friends.

The show was a record release party for the very worthy Menthol Hill as well. And the second gig for “Eight Bit”, which is your typical hip-hop band dressed in robot suits. Since you may not believe this, here is a video (~ 3.7M).

Although I’m too old for really loud music and going to bed at 0300 I shall continue to go out to clubs and have fun, God Damn It.

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