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My country is now officially insane. Dear Mr. Bush, it is no longer 1901. Please do not go play Teddy Roosevelt in sovereign nations full of people who hate us.

If this really happens it’s fucking time to impeach his ass. Enjoy your throne of blood, Shrub. All tyrants meet the same fate eventually.

8 thoughts on “Send a gunboat

  1. Your invitation to come live in Vancouver still stands, as always. We’ll even write your letters of recommendation to the immigration people. It’s kind of a long commute, but the tech market is picking up again here too. 🙂

  2. //All tyrants meet the same fate eventually.
    The problem is that to the rest of the world it is not he who is the tyrant, it is us. I personally don’t feel that it’s some kind of liberal plot for us to admit to our omni-gluttony and perhaps learn to suck less (in every form of the word). It would certainly be a more reasonable plan than removing governments that do not cooperate with the plans of the business criminals that run our government and replacing them with our own military strongmen. But the cowboys and Orange Countians and the people who are too stupid to have anything other than a spoonfed take on what is really going on here are insisting on having their way. I’m not anticipating any global hugs and smileys in the near future; at least not any involving us.

  3. There’s an interesting article on the potential consequences of an American occupation of Iraq in this month’s Atlantic Monthly. It covers the obvlous bits and some less-than-obvious consequences — particularly the rearrangement of alliances of Arab states when Iraq is no longer their enemy and their enemy’s enemy. It’s an insightful read.

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