bad day at the evil empire

As Torgo would say, I live under the Clearchannel Death Star, so radio is a bit odd these days. And by odd I mean “run by devil robots”.

Today I was brainlessly listening to Arrow 93, our “Classic Rock” station, because my jazz station was in pledge mode. First, they played Rod Stewart disco (“Young Hearts blart blar”) which was manifestly not Classic Rock. But hey, they’re marketers, they know what they’re doing.

Then the DJ came on and was blarbling along happily about party on man! And he was so happy. And he was happy because it was Friday and the weekend was here woo woo! Which is what classic rock DJs all say to their hapless listeners. One small problem; today is Thursday.

In the old days I would have assumed that the DJ was completely baked having consumed a gigantic strong joint in the parking lot before his shift. Nowadays, I have to assume that someone in the Death Star hit the wrong satellite button and we were getting the “Friday Tape”, or that the DJ was broadcasting live from an underground complex in North Dakota to 53 cities and had no idea what day it was any more.

Logan, it’s time for Carousel.

One thought on “bad day at the evil empire

  1. Bringing all the children together under the corporate umbrella
    Does anyone else consider it strange that I live approximately 1500 miles from you and also have an “Arrow 93” radio station that plays Classic Rock (or in the case of ClearChannel, “Classic Rock”)?
    I remember the days when big radio stations were okay, when MTV played music. Christ, I’m too young to feel old.
    Of course, I don’t have cable now and only hear the radio when changing CDs in my car’s in-dash MP3 player, and even then it’s the local college station.

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