Lose Weight Now the Wiccan Way!

Anorexia and Wicca. It just doesn’t get better than this:


Thanks (if that’s the right word) to the Psychoceramics mailing list for this.

Come, ANAMANAMANAMDNADIM, and make me not want the Chips Ahoy any more! LIGHT THE BLACK CANDLES!!!

9 thoughts on “Lose Weight Now the Wiccan Way!

  1. “If you are not too squeamish to do so, sign your pact in blood…. PLEASE be very careful with this; if you are not accustomed to practicing safe bloodletting, pick a scab or just forget about it and sign with ink!”
    Yeah, if you’re going to undertake an attempt to hasten your death by shriveling your internal organs, poisoning your blood, and turning your bones to powder, MAKE SURE YOU’VE GOT A STYPTIC PENCIL HANDY. Those paper cuts can be vicious.
    It’s so sad and horrible and infuriating, I have no choice but to laugh. Are people like this really the same species as me?


    1. I drive the daemon Anamadim from thee with the Holy Trifecta. Grasp this Bicycle Wheel and turn in a Circle, also noting the Fascinating Conservation of Angular Momentum much observed in High School Physics. Simultaneously munch upon the Holy Spears of Asparagus, the healthy and yet almost sinfully delicious vegetable. Finally end the ritual with consuming of chocolate sauce off your own Pleasurable and Sustaiing Body which thou Swearest not to Damage (be creative!). And then, the proccession of dancing naked virgins.


  2. Holy k-rap. O_o I knew the pro-ana people were nuts, but this is amazing. “I think Cthulhu can help me with my weight problems by DEVOURING ME WHOLE! IA IA DEXATRIM FTHAGHN!”
    Things like this make me eat out of SPITE. I think I’ll go have a spiteful muffin now. =)


  3. As someone who is not above appealing to spirits/parts of my mind/figments of my imagination/insert favorite theory here/whatever to get what I want, I can’t think where to start saying what’s wrong with this, so I’ll just go with the most obvious thing:
    If you lack the will to control your eating habits you should not be invoking spirits, ever, period.
    This kind of weekend-housewife wicca scares the shit out of me just because of the sheer amount of psychological self-fuckery that can result. And this spell in particular is the result of this currently-in-vogue magick+12-step mixture I’ve been seeing around. Totally divergent philosophies!! Either you are in control of yourself and can will change on yourself and your environment(magick), or you are will-less and not in control of yourself or your basest impulses(12-step). Approaching magick from the 12-step psychology is just asking for obsession or posession. Es no bueno…


  4. Global Hegemony: Step 1: Sweet ‘N’ Low
    The front page explains the conspiracy against anorexia:

    If we ever completely tapped that potential in our midst, and applied it to other areas outside eating habits and body sculpting, the fact is, we could change the world. Completely.
    Maybe even rule it.
    Is THAT what they are so afraid of? Is THAT why they strive so eagerly to silence our voices?

    Somebody is a little low on brain sugar…


  5. Shouldn’t have clicked….
    Sites like these always leave me torn among wanting to throw things, cry or join them. At the moment, my barometer is somewhere around really fucking furious with their “triggers.” I’m not sure whom I’d like to punch more the owners of the websites that propagate this “lifestyle” or the companies that use these images to sell their shit.
    The wierd wicca/ana/empowerment thing is just to wierd for words, especially all that stuff about power. yeah…cause when you stop eating, you can rule the world. Did they watch Gandhi while on acid?! Sorry. Must stop ranting now. I guess everyone can tell this – shall we say – a touchy issue for me.


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