4 thoughts on “pop quiz

  1. They’re all things you’d find in Venice. The Arsenal is Venice’s famous old shipbuilding and munitions yard, the Ghetto is the district that used to be a Jewish ghetto, and Lido is the place with all the beaches. And gondolas are, well, gondolas.


    1. I’ll accept that! The category was “words used in English that came from particular things in Venice” and the first three are actual places in Venice.
      You win the bowl of hot tasty calamaretti!


  2. Damn damn damn damn damn!!! Here I was hoping against hope that it was some sort of cr1mezzz, preferably some bizarre Lido Island Gondola crime ring with an aresenal purchased in the ghetto. I don’t know about Venice. Shucks. I have pants on though, so I can fight crime. Or I can just observe and be fascinated by small time ass clowns with felony records.


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