weekly weird stuff wrapup

seen on the highway:

  • Normal SUV with normal looking people in it. License: SCAT 4U
  • Angry-looking woman with huge MORGAN STANLEY KEPT MY MONEY sign in car
  • Three (3) separate pickup-bedliner-in-road incidents
  • A methodist church advertising “world communion day” with a “multicultural feast”. Damn, that sounds good. As long as I get to avoid the food from Minnesotastan. Methodism, anyone?
  • Microwave chitterlings ad on truck

3 thoughts on “weekly weird stuff wrapup

  1. I AM SURE they meant:
    Function: intransitive verb
    Inflected Form(s): scat·ted; scat·ting
    Date: 1935
    : to improvise nonsense syllables usually to an instrumental accompaniment : sing scat
    oh god

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