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Seen recently:

  • A motorcyclist at a stoplight wearing a helmet that featured a full set of devil-style goat horns, top and bottom of the helmet. He was listening to death metal.
  • Yet another sighting of the “Snacks – EVERYBODY LOVES THEM” truck
  • Someone on wanting a crock pot for their home birth. (?!). Thanks .
  • A documentary called “One September Day” about the Munich 1972 Olympics terror disaster. Really a must see for anyone interested in history. Lots of shockers; I wonder what we’ll know in 30 years about the more recent September?
  • A brochure from the Post Office titled “Bombs by Mail” which looks like an ad for ordering them.

That should do it for today. I still want an iBook but I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t spend the money, money, money. Mustn’t. Really.

9 thoughts on “salvation holdout central

    1. Scary icon! I like!
      Re: iBooks. I have been Jonesing for anything that runs OS X for a long while now–specifically those desk-lamp iMacs. Unfortunately, savings (expecting the company I work for to be dead in a few months), teeth, and paying off credit card usage during unemployment beat out that urge.

      1. Sigh. I remember having teeth trouble a few years ago… hj took a job at a startup with a nice signing bonus, though, which we used to pay off my bridge, and get me an old iMac way back when. They did the work for 2x as much money as they quoted, which I berated them over, and we actually got money BACK FROM THE DENTIST! Woo! Which really didn’t make anything easier, but it was satisfying.
        I hope your mouth feels better soon. =/
        Anyway, yeah, the new iMacs rule. I love mine. I don’t know how I ever lived without a flatscreen before. =)

  1. Yes !
    Yet another sighting of the “Snacks – EVERYBODY LOVES THEM” truck
    Well, it’s the god-honest truth, n’est-ce pas ?
    Re: iBook: You know you want it. Join us.

  2. A helpful tip.
    Never read the words crock pot home birth together in a single sentence prior to breakfast. My bowl Special K Red Berries looks a little different to me just now.

  3. hi there. you don’t know me but i was wondering if i could put you on my friends list cause you seem really cool and is it true you have italo calvino as an interest? because he is one of my all time favorite writers and i didn’t think anyone here had heard of him. so yeah is that ok with you? if not just say so i know it weirds some people out..

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