Wars are not won by wimpy music.

As usual, Sean has the solution to the world’s problems.

Upon receiving this fine site from the Psychoceramics list, I showed it to him, and his response:

TorgoX ignatz — let’s try to syndicate some decadent Eeslawmic heavy metal… on the INTERNET!!
TorgoX thus corrupting all the lackwitted 17-year-old teeth-grinding Saudi HOMIEZ

The West shall prevail. They cannot resist our Van Halen, nor our Judas Fucking Priest.

2 thoughts on “Wars are not won by wimpy music.

  1. Jello Biafra has a bit about imagining what Islamic Speed Metal would be like. He picked Magnum Jihad as a band name. In the same bit, he imagines Cat Stevens coming back either singing radical muslim lyrics in his old style (“If someone defames the prophet, heeeeee must di-i-ie…“) or remaking, say, Peace Train as speed metal song.
    Stone-age thinking + popular music stylings = comedy gold.
    No, wait. Then there’s Screwdriver….

  2. the devil made me do it
    well. apparently the greatest benefit of christianity is the ability to blame every failure and shortcoming on someone or something else. not that i care about or advocate responsibility.
    also, i’m really amazed that there are still small enclaves of humans in the world who are actually morally shocked at things. at any things. but especially at things like, “tanktops and tight jeans.” that is really amusing. sorry guys.
    finally, the information on this site has been stored in a directory called “crock.”

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