ancient bloody mary bastards

This is my once, now, and future favorite song by X: The Have Nots. Was just reminded of it in a discussion about Brett Easton Ellis, who quotes it.

Speaking of things that are less than zero, I heard a muzak version of “Watching the Detectives” in the market and it made me sad on about 50 levels in a very Elvis Costello sort of way. I’m trading in my baby for a Chevrolet now, down in that blue chair, ’cause girls talk and the angels wanna wear my red shoes.

4 thoughts on “ancient bloody mary bastards

  1. Forgot how much I love that song!!!!
    One halloween, myself and the two lead singers from Just Plain Big went as X – Tom bleached his hair Billy Zoom platinum blonde, Mike Hardesty dressed in drag, I wore a baseball cap, jeans, and a punk-rock t-shirt. We spent the day drinking and preparing a short set of X songs. That song was one of them. Ah, memories…

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