Some of my moments of fame

Near the end of my short career as a rock crit guy, I scored with an interview published in one of the great magazines, since departed.

They appear to be reviving, God bless ’em. And I get a warm fuzzy by seeing it on the web.

Although people are less likely to remember me from the Los Angeles Reader in ’86/’87 than they are to recognize me while watching a Rhino video, due to my acting career. RHINO ROCKS MY WORLD!

11 thoughts on “Some of my moments of fame

    1. Yeah, the video can be watched and i’m the guy on the right in the blue shirt
      looks like creem is only semi archived as yet so my BEAUTIFUL interview with X is not available for reading

      1. X Lacks Nothing Save a SACK OF FROGS
        I was hoping to read that interview, but the fickle semi-archiving denied me.

      2. Re: X Lacks Nothing Save a SACK OF FROGS
        Your subject line just made me spit out my coffee.
        I hope you’re happy.

  1. Ah, fame!
    Appeared in quirky promo for a major retro/nonstalgia video company … CHECK!

    Had interview with the fabulous, fabulous X picked up in major, old school rock mag … CHECK!

    Had famed alt-rock dork send an excrement-encrusted dreadlock via mail … uh, check.

    And to think some people want into that business very badly.
    Oh, and here is my obligatory sack-of-frogs reference.

  2. I, too, saw that commercial long before I knew what you looked like. When I learned you were the “Rhino rocks my world” guy, my joy knew no bounds.

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