Plate O’Shrimp

I am being pursued through my day by the phrase “Sack Of Frogs”.

1) Radio ad for the Orange County Fair has a grizzled old prospector cowboy voice yelling “IT’S MORE FUN THAN A SACK O’FROGS!”

2) Ad for some car has jokey voiced announcer voice say “claiming stuff like that attracts attorneys like biology students to a sack of frogs!”

I await my meeting with the Repo Man, the aliens, and the scary CIA lady with the metal hand.

4 thoughts on “Plate O’Shrimp

  1. Wow, I hadn’t even read this entry when I said the Plate of Frogs thing on IRC. Neat. =)
    Don’t be afraid, ignatz, have a can of Food(tm).

  2. This past weekend, my dad told the story of the Hong Kong market place where a sack of toads was available for dinner-making. It was more odd than fun though.
    Yes, I am aware that my comment sounds like engrish. I can’t seem to do anything about it though.

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