my soulless yuppie-ass day (eastside mix)

I awaken at 9 and head to the car repair place by 10:30 in order to obtain the 45,000 mile regular maintenance on my import sports luxury coupe-type car. This will take two hours and cost $176, they say.

I walk over to the soulless mall, buy a couple of magazines at Tower, and read them and drink coffee. The auto man calls to inform me that I need three new tires at $200 apiece plus alignment. I smoke.

I go to a chain restaurant italian place and eat a reasonably good fettucine with pesto plus caesar salad. I smoke more.

I return to the place of cars and give them $900.

I go to the Black Hole Coffee Shop. There, I meet up with reggiT and odradak, and another acquaintance of ours. She relates her birthday party of the night before which apparently consisted of lots of hoochie coochie with several fafoochies and a zoochie all in the back of a noochie outside the kerbloochie, TEE HEE!!!!1! with lots of cute tossing of the hair and outuendos. I smoke. The highlight of the day is watching an assortment of cute teenage girls flap in annoyance at the smoke drifting towards them from my stinky cigarillllllllllos.

reggiT is in current mood: BOUNCY! and odradak is staring through me at the blank vista of 17th street and the car wash across the street.

I return home to make lentil soup and consider the Situation of Humankind.


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