looks like another perfect day.. I love L.A.!

On my commute today, I was cruising along a bit of the 405 by the airport when I saw a cloud of brownish debris and bits of things flying, and cars swerving madly.

With no time to think, I was soon in the thick of it. It proved to be a huge piece of plate glass which had just fallen off a truck and exploded into a deadly cloud of knives, through which I zoomed at 70 mph.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be under my bed whimpering.

2 thoughts on “looks like another perfect day.. I love L.A.!

  1. Good thing it wasn’t me coming home from work when we both worked at Metapa…I tend to keep the top down on that trip, no matter how hot or cold, which probably would not have been to plesent through a shower of glass shards.
    You and your car are okay, yes?

    1. I think we’re fine, thanks. You’re right that someone in a convertible or on a motorcycle would have been Even More Excited by this experience. I saw Mr. Glass Truck running away off the freeway. Grr.

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